Geeking it up a little…or, ya know…a lot…

Recently on vacation, I had the opportunity to spread my ubergeek wings and soar. My family was taking a vacation to Disney World in Orlando, FL. For those of you not geographically inclined, Orlando, FL is about 1000 miles away from my home town of Chicago, IL. Plans were drawn, and eventually it was decided that I would drive to Florida while my wife and kids flew.

The reasons for this were varied, most notably because we didn’t want to get raped by the airlines for having the audacity of wanting to take actual luggage with us on the trip. So, with that in mind, my geek genes kicked into overdrive.

I’m a bit of a geography geek. One thing I’ve enjoyed doing since I was old enough to drive was to follow a road from beginning to end. There are several in Chicago that I’ve done, just because. Then I learned something - US Routes that end in zero, such as Route 20, Route 30, etc. all run coast to coast. For example, US Route 20, which passes within 1 mile of my house, begins in Boston, Massachusetts (a.k.a. @Captain2Phones territory) and ends in Newport, Oregon.

To me, this is really freaking cool. So what that means is, while I’m standing on it, this road starts at the Atlantic Ocean, comes to me, then continues to the Pacific Ocean. Another cool point is that for the most part, these routes are labeled sequentially north to south - 20, 30, 40, 50, etc.

So I decided, I wanted to take my picture at every US Route that goes coast to coast from Chicago to Orlando. I would post pics to facebook and it would serve as a count down to my arrival in Orlando.

And I did it. I was very proud of myself for accomplishing what to others is a stupid little thing. But I did it. And my geek cred skyrocketed in my mind. It also got me to thinking, I wonder to what extent other geeks have gone out of their way to geek it out.  The more unique, the better.

Tweet to @DeadTechnology or write a tumblr post and link it to me, but I want to know how geeky you geeks are. Wave that flag, and be proud of what you’ve done all in the name of self-geek-adulation. I’m dying to hear what you all have done.


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