How the Nokia 3300 led me to a Pre 3.

Funny thing about moving. Homes, I mean. You go through a lot of stuff and come across a lot of stuff you had forgotten about. That’s exactly what happened to me when I opened a box, and saw this beauty -

Back in college, I used to listen to a technology radio show on WGN 720 (in Chicago) that was syndicated out of Los Angeles.  I don’t even remember the name of the show or the host. For the most part it was tech support type stuff, but every once in a while, the host would discuss a new piece of tech, etc. One thing he always talked about was his phone, a “Kyocera” which had a full querty keyboard and a built-in mp3 player. Well that sounded just great to me. Those were my requirements from then on - keyboard, mp3 player.

At the time, the Nokia 3300 was AT&T’s only offering meeting those criteria, so I tried it out - and LOVED it. Bear in mind - this phone was the precursor to the N-Gage gaming phone. I believe my phone was on the market for a few months at best until the N-Gage wave hit. And I was mad too, because I could care less about playing games - I wanted my keyboard and music.

Fast forward a few years, and suddenly, my phone is starting to get old. I don’t recall what exactly went wrong with it - headset didn’t work, or could only use a headset, or whatever, but suddenly I needed a new phone. There was NO WAY I was going to give up my querty keyboard and mp3 player, so AT&T, whatcha got?

The Blackberry, or theTreo 650.AT&T used to charge an arm and a leg for the Blackberry’s service - like an extra $20-$30/month IIRC. Plus, none of the Blackberrys had a touch screen. Can you imagine having this huge gorgeous screen, and having to use that maddening tackball? Hellz no, I said! So I went with the Treo.

W-O-W. wow. I can play moooovies.  I can surf crappy-wap websites.  Woooooooowwwww. So I got that bad boy and, what’s that? Swappable memory cards? Oh my.  I had a case with 6 different memory cards, each bearing about 6 movies each. That’s right - I watched movies on my Treo 650 - mostly while at work in my pre-Hulu days, but still.

Over the years since I graduated. Treo 650 -> Centro -> Pre Plus -> Pre 2 -> Veer -> back to the Pre 2 -> Morris, the Panda-Veer -> Andre, the Pre 3 -> Janet, the Touchpad. Except the Touchpad, every one of those fit the criteria - physical qwerty keyboard, music player.

These days I find myself as a webOS ambassador in Chicago, co-host of our local meetup group, contributor to WebOSRoundup and MobileRoundup and have gained a number of fine friends and acquaintances all because of that stupid taco-looking phone that had a shelf life of about 2 and a half days, back in college.

It’s funny how life gets us to where we are, isn’t it?

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